Quality assurance and after sale service guarantee:

To ensure the quality of the product, our company from the purchase, process, the finished product to customer service service the whole process of strict quality assurance measures:
Incoming quality assurance measures:
I)Control of the supply channel,And moved to the supplier:
The main raw materials and components,Our company must choose well-known brands at home and abroad;Dealers must be an agent:Such as the drive bearing with well-known Japanese brandNSKThe. Strict evaluation of all suppliers,And record the performance,Are reevaluated every year,Evaluation of qualified only to be included in the "qualified supplier list";All raw materials must be purchased in the qualified supplier..
II)The establishment and perfection of the incoming inspection system:
Our company quality management department is equipped with a full-time incoming inspector,For all the outsourcing, outsourcing parts to carry out strict inspection,Only qualified materials can be put in storage, production.
Process quality assurance measures:
Quality control of production process,Mainly take self-inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection of combining,On the quality problems,Take the "three no" principle:Is the quality problem is not resolved not miss,Improvement measures not put off,If the parties do not receive the education did not miss.Secondly,Also established the assessment of quality statistics and quality target system,Statistical analysis was performed on each process monthly quality,The quality target is not reached.,The implementation of "quality veto".In addition,Pay special attention to the process of advanced inspection,Ensure that the processing ability,To keep the process quality in a controlled state for a long time,.
The finished product quality assurance measures:
All sticky box machine have been produced by our company have many years experience of full-time inspectors strict inspection,After passing the factory.In order to ensure the machine factory pass rate100%.Our company take regular training, qualification, strict examination and other effective measures to full-time inspector;At the same time,The production manager to strictly control the quality of finished products,Sampling check at any time,Ensure the machines in the factory all the quality problems are completely resolved.
After sale service guarantee measures:
The company has specialized customer service service group. Have the person responsible for the after sale service work,Collect customer feedback,Conduct regular customer satisfaction survey,The timely processing of customer comments and complaints;The machine has the professional and technical personnel to the site installation and commissioning during installation. Technical guidance and training in the operation of machine. Also often guide customers for maintenance machine;When the machine quality problems.,At the first time will give the guest satisfaction,Shall be sent to the scene to guarantee at48Hours to the customer factory. One year warranty on the whole, lifelong service

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